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Volaero has been servicing many clients in the private and government sectors since 2016. Our expertise in drone technology includes smart security, drone hardware, software, imaging, aviation, and communication systems. Our team’s knowledge and experience has allowed us to fly over 400 live field missions, complete over 200 research and development projects, and accumulate more than 1300 hours of drone operating time.

Our team’s background includes many years of work experience in telecommunications, cinema, broadcast, aviation, digital& data processing, science, engineering, business management, and customer relations. Together, Volaero is a premier drone operating company in South Florida today, with a solid reputation for quality work and credibility.

What We Do

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Volaero Drones is an authorized dealer and distributor located in Florida for Easy Aerial, an American aerospace and security company with offices on three continents specializing in the development of robotic systems that automate monitoring and surveillance using smart autonomous drones.

We offer a drone-in-a-box system that can be deployed remotely from anywhere in the world. No drone operator or prior experience is needed to execute a pre- planned or on-demand mission.

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Thank you for your interest in VolAero UAV & Drones. For estimates and quotes, feel free to contact David Abad at David.Abad@volaerodrones.com or call directly at 305.359.3362. You can also use the form below for your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.

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