2D/3D – RGB Orthomosaic with Measurement Option – Sample

  Monitor job-site progress – Drones can be used to remotely monitor job-site progress to make sure things are on track and to create immediate, real-time changes or adjustments as needed.  The footage can be sent in real time to clients, investors and lead persons on the job.  Architects and engineers can gain immediate access to the job-site on screen, rather than having to make the trip out.
Catch major and minor deviations – Computer technology can compare what’s on plans to what’s happening in real life.  Images from the drones can be fed through specific software to compare it with the plans.  This type of surveillance can show you if walls are misaligned or if a window is missing or installed in the wrong place, for example.
Increasing job-site safety – Your drone surveillance can show you whether or not your workers are using best practices – regardless of whether management or an OSHA safety inspector is onsite.  You can correct these behaviors immediately and workers will be more apt to use best practices when they know they are being watched.  The drones can also access dangerous or hard-to-reach areas, such as an unfinished roof, allowing inspectors or specialists to assess a particular challenge or issue, and make recommendations for changes, or improvements without putting themselves at risk.
    Digital Image Recording Behind Drywall –  Take a 360 Interactive Tour (Matterport) of an interior of a house under construction. This is an ideal solution for digital documentation of the HVAC, plumbing, electric wiring, network wiring, beam locations that exist behind walls before the drywall is installed. Our construction and renovation company clients as well buyers have expressed extreme interest in this product since the digital recording simplifies any subsequent additions or repair work that may be required at a later date.  



Keeping up with the latest drone technology helps VolAero best serve the construction and other industries.  By Jim Harris