2D Orthomosaic Raster

The orthomosaic is a 2D map.  Each point contains X,Y and color information.  The orthomosaic has uniform scale and can be used for 2D measurements (distance, surface).   It corrects problems of the input images such as the perspective of the camera and the the different scale based on the distance that each point of the object/ground has from the camera.

Digital Surface Model (DSM)

The DSM (Digital Surface Mode) is a 2.5D Model of the mapped area.  Each pixel of the raster geotiff file and each point of the vector point cloud contain (X,Y,Z) information.  They do not contain color information.  For each X,Y) position, the DSM has only 1 Z value (the altitude of the highest point for this (X,Y) position).  This why it is considered to be a 2.5D Model.

3D Triangle Mesh With Texture

The 3D textured mesh is a representation of the shape of the model that consists of vertices, edges, faces and the texture from the images that is projected on it.  It is useful to present and visualize the model, share it and upload it to online platforms such as Sketchfab.  It is intended to look nice more than to be accurate, so it is not recommended to use it for measurements.

Index Map

 Set of tools specifically targeted toward agriculture.  Using this tool, you can adjust the contrast to highlight variability (and hence problem areas) within a field.

 Mapbox Tiles

The KML zip folder consists of a se of .png images. The resultant file displays the survey area on the earth map. The KML folder consists of a KML and an HTML file which can be used for analysis.

Contour Lines

Contour lines are lines connecting points of equal elevation.   They are useful because they allow to better understand the shape of the land surface (the topography) on a map.

3D Point Cloud

The Densified Point Cloud i a set of 3D Points that reconstruct the model.  The X,Y,Z position and the color information is stored for each point of the Densified Point Cloud.  The Densified Point Cloud provides a very accurate background for distance, surface and volume measurements.

Undistorted Image

This process generates an undistorted copy of each original image using the optimized distortion parameters of the selected camera model.