DJI Phantom 4 & Phantom 4 Pro

Superior designed, light and easily deployable drone, for high level aerial photography and cinematography.  Main features: 3 axis gimbal; built in camera video 4K photos 12M; video downlink 5km range; flight controller; flying time 28 minutes; GPS system; optical sensing system 2-49 feet; vision positioning with great hover accuracy; intelligent flight battery.

DJI Matrice M100

The Matrice 100 platform has all of DJI’s easy-to-fly technology built in, and includes the flight controller, propulsion system, GPS, DJI Lightbridge, a dedicated remote controller, and a rechargeable battery.  This system automatically manages the most complex tasks required for flight, so you can focus on your work.

DJI Matrice 600

Designed for filmmakers and industrial applications Main enhanced features over the DJI-4 and Inspire: Multiple gimbals; enhanced flying time and long range transmission; professional HD transmission; RTK-G Datalink; A3 and Lightbridge 2; powerful apps.

DJI Inspire 2

A superior design for more commercial and industrial oriented aerial photography and cinematography.  Main enhanced features:   increased efficiency and stability; 360 degree camera view; intelligent power management; intelligent GPS system; 18 minutes flying time; autopilot fly home; X3 camera; 2 remote controllers; video downlink 5km; vision positioning; intelligent flight battery.