Areas of services include but not limited to smart security, consulting, engineering, piloting, imagery capture, data analytics, and reporting.

The Smart Aerial Monitoring Systems (SAMS & SAMS-T) are produced in the US to the highest standards and are deployed in critical locations on four continents. These drone-based monitoring surveillance systems are mobile, durable and fully autonomous. While there are a number of tethered and non-tethered solution out there that enable long flight times, this is the only one that you can activate an operate remotely!


● Selected as the winning solution for the US Air Force AFWERX ‘Protect Our troops’ Challenge in May 2018.
● Successfully demonstrated to numerous US AFB Commanders throughout the US, at a facility near Las Vegas in July 2018. Demonstrated and presented at the USAF marathon weekend at Wright-Patterson AFB in September 2018. Featured at the USAF AFWERX booth at the ASIS/GSX18 conference in September 2018.
● Received SBIR Phase I from the USAF in November 2018 (AF 183-005).
● Participated in a Joint Search and Rescue activity organized by the US Navy (JIFX19-2) in February 2019.
● Received SBIR Phase II from the USAF in March 2019.
● Participated in the DHS Next Generation First Responder (“ NGFR”) Apex Program – Birmingham Shaken Fury OpEx in March 2019.
● Selected for the USAF AFRL Technology Accelerator program (“ TAP ”).
● Participated in the Department of Defense (“ DOD ”) thunderstorm 19-2 event scheduled for July 29th in New York City.
● Demonstrated and sold systems in the US, Europe, Israel, Thailand, Japan and Central Africa.


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Our proprietary systems are fully customizable and modular. This enables us to use our expertise and knowledge to tailor the right package for you! In addition, our versatile software can integrate with any security and C2 systems to enable easy and intuitive operation. We can customize our solution to almost anything, from multiple payloads and telemetry to additional accessories such as flashlights or speakers.
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The SAMS-T allows for a constant eye-in-the-sky. Since all communication in the SAMS-T solution is transferred via the power line it is also considered very safe from cyber security standpoint. Both SAMS and SAMS-T can be deployed on stationary locations (such as a rooftop, fence or in a remote location), as well as on mobile emergency response vehicles and standard pickup trucks.


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Environmental engineers, researchers and conservationists can now replace slower terrestrial surveying equipment, lower-resolution satellite imagery and expensive or unavailable manned aircraft services for our drone technology services. We help identify any issues onsite and generate reports that reflect accurate, timely modeling of a site’s terrain. Our services include a range of studies and reports such as sea grass and tree surveys, monitoring of vegetation, wildlife or beach erosions, generating 2D and 3D terrain surveys, environmental landscape calculations, wetland services, storm water management, shoreline stabilization and zoom capabilities

Our Work


Sawgrass Mills Inspection and Mapping

Sunrise, FL


Measurements and Surveys
Melbourne. FL

Southern Crew

Aerial Imagery and Monitoring

Vegetative Response Assessment

Lee County, FL

Vertspec, a pioneer in the emerging drone data services market, has developed an automated process for the collection and delivery of drone data for inspecting vertical structures – from flight planning through data delivery. Millions of vertical structures, including cell towers, bridges, buildings, wind turbines and powerlines, are required to be inspected on a regular basis. Traditional inspections, which involve teams of climbers, bucket trucks, lifts and ladders, are slow, expensive and dangerous, and the results are often inaccurate and inconsistent. Vertspec reduces the cost, time and risk to perform inspections of critical infrastructure, and produces real-time actionable data

Application of Vertspec

Inspections of cell towers, wind turbines, bridges and buildings are required on a regular basis to meet safety, regulatory and operational requirements.Specific applications include:




Tower Audit ・ Site Assessment/Selection ・ Antenna Inspection ・ Line-of-Site Measurement/360° Panoramic Views ・ Fall Damage Assessment ・ Storm Damage Inspection ・ Pre-Climb/Pre-Installation Inspections ・ Mount Analysis ・ Birds’ Nest Evaluation ・ Pre-Construction ・ Tower Mapping ・ Cable Measurement ・ Enclosure Mapping ・ Job Closeout


Inspecting concrete trusses and supports・ Examining the undersides of bridges (will require special equipment)・ Checking the deck (road) for cracks・ Identifying rust and areas that need painting・ Inspection of work


Power companies・Engineering firms・Oil and gas・Cooling towers・


Architecture・ Chimneys・ Industrial・ Disaster response Inspections・ Cracks

Drones present an incredible opportunity for developers, as well as city, infrastructure, and transportation planners. Data is captured in the form of high resolution images and laser scanning data, georeferenced to specific points on the Earth’s surface. The aerial view affords operators the ability to learn more than what can be discovered from a simple ground reconnaissance, and when equipped with the appropriate sensors, drones are able to collect real-time environmental data such as gas detection, perform surveying duties, Thermal Roof inspections, 3 point clouding, CAD Drawings, 2D Terrain Map, 3D site Modeling, Imagery Stitching and much more from all types of building (shopping centers/shopping plazas, commercial or residential buildings.